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8th-Jun-2008 12:41 am - new layout
Gossip Girl - best scene ever
did u like it? huh?
i'm obsessed with ed westwick and this photo with the rayban wayfarer is just TOO CUTE.
hope you guys like it and expect some action for the next months. I promiss I will post SOMEDAY. HAHAHAHAHA.

if you want to check what going on anyway, just http://www.flickr.com/estellef where I live a normal non-fangirl life xP


Love you, dear fanfriends x)
13th-Mar-2008 10:10 pm - ohmygod, finally!
Ghost World - enid
Well, I know I've been out... BUT
here's some wallpapers I've done this week cause I was bored ^^"

[02] Jeff Buckley Wallpapers
[01] Bright Eyes Wallpaper

no teaser

Say Goodbye Say HelloCollapse )
23rd-Dec-2007 12:49 am - Blair/Chuck Fanmix
Gossip Girl - best scene ever
I'm so happy to show you guys my first fanmix. I've done some graphics with the ship and I've got inspired to do something with music ^^" So, here it is, I hope you guys like it ^^"
You can click on the song and listen or download. Unfortunatly, I'm trying really hard to host a zip with all the songs but it's kinda impossible without paying >.< (IIIIIEEEEEIIII, now you can download the zip, thanks to my_little_voice), But, the song selection AND the order was made with a lot of love and care, so I really hope u guys like it ^^"

Fanmix hereCollapse )
20th-Dec-2007 02:33 pm - Blair/Chuck and Texture set
Gossip Girl - poser serena
Hey. I know... I'M NOT DEAD! At least now I'm almoust a senior!!! Hahaha.
anyway, I'm addicted to Gossip Girl and Chuck/Blair, so, I made some wallpapers and a fanmix (the fanmix will be here on the next post cause I'm with upload problems.
Also, I had to make a texture so I could make the wallpaper ^^"

[03] Blair/Chuck (Gossip Girl) Wallpapers
[01] Texture Set

teasers fuck with my layout

everything HERECollapse )
7th-Oct-2007 11:56 am - Icons, FO's, Wallpapers and Headers!
Animals - flavor cat
[03] Emma Watson FO banners
[01] Ewan Mcgregor Wallpaper
[02] Ewan Mcgregor Headers
[03] Ewan Mcgregor Icons
[03] Dan Radcliff Icons
[02] Friends Icons
[01] Queer as Folk Icon
[07] Emma Watson (and Hermione @ Harry Potter) Icons
[01] Harry Potter Icon


everything hereCollapse )
2nd-Oct-2007 06:18 pm - ONE talks
U2 - bono
Hey everybody!
I'm here to talk with my flist about something I can't do... but maybe u can!!!

if you live @ USA, click hereCollapse )
12th-Sep-2007 01:55 pm(no subject)
Honey and Clover - blue sky
just to say that I'm at twitter now.

and at Flickr

and at DeviantArt
10th-Sep-2007 03:56 pm - multi-fandom fucking icons and header
Stock - crystal

[05] Hermione/Emma Watson @ Harry Potter
[01] Ronald Weasley/Rupert Grint @ Harry Potter
[01] Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliff @ Harry Potter
[02] Ewan McGregor
[02] Zach Braff
[02] Nicole Kidman @ Invasion
[10] Stock japanese girls
[09] Brian and Justin/Gale and Randy @ Queer as Folk
[03] Stock Models
[02} Stock Dolls

[01] Brian Kinney/Gale Harold @ Queer as Folk header
[01] Brian and Justin/Gale and Randy @ Queer as Folk header

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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4th-Sep-2007 10:36 pm - another musical meme
Stock - crystal
Meme stolen from epicentrum

This is fun!Collapse )
2nd-Sep-2007 01:38 pm - pimping around
Stock - crystal
Iiiiiiiiiiiiit's Lims season!!!!

Check out here all the pimpage x)Collapse )
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